Mum on the edge…

Cheering, Coaxing, Curbing, Warning

Teaching , Preaching, Threatening, Storming

Starting off well

but slowly I spiral

pretending to cope,

but I’m in denial.

Trying hard to keep a grip

to make my point

and not to flip.

But why, oh why is it so hard

for them to listen,

for me to be heard?

My stubborn kids

are driving me crazy

Can’t stand them being stroppy

or sloppy or lazy

Can’t handle that they

just have their own way

of doing their thing

and having their say.

I vaguely recall being

a sharp mouthed teen

but was I so lazy

and sloppy and mean?

Did I roll my eyes at every suggestion

of study and chores

and dress code inspection?

Did I fling back retorts

to passing comments

at my room or my hair or

my cupboards contents?

Did I march away

boldly swinging my hips

as I slammed my room door

and curled up my lips?

If I did, Mum, forgive me,

‘Cause I truly see now

how hurtful it is

and how fragile mums are.




7 Responses

  1. Truer words have never been spoken. My mother reminds me frequently about what a horrible (typical) teen I was. Sadly, my 18 year old daughter is the biggest slob. But at least her attitude is good and she is still sweet at heart.

  2. Mine are still young – 11, 9 and 5. Is this what awaits? We encourage self expression, but I don’t think we appreciate the opinions expressed that they may have of us. After all, are we not suppose to be perfect in their eyes? At what age, do we fall from grace? Or is it our own humanness as mums, we cannot accept? None the less, I love being a mum. It’s the most beautiful thing I ever did with my entire life.

  3. Reading this poem brings tears to my eyes. My Mom passed away a few months ago and there are lots of “raw emotion” that I am still dealing with, so I have been spending alot of time in the “daughter” space. This poem has shifted that perception for me and I am brought back to that phenomenal “Mother” space but it also make me miss my Mother so much.
    Thank you for sharing this poem.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to comment. It isn’t an easy path being either mother or daughter. We all have expectation on either end and we have ideals we want to live into and want others to live into. Self expression is an access and sometimes let’s out the things we don’t want to hear. Yes, that ‘s being human.

  5. Takes me back to teenage years!
    Makes me think of my opwn three daughters that are now grown and raising their own.
    Thoughts of my teenage years long ago. The fights I would have with mom.
    What she gve to me I am so grateful for.
    Wish I knew then what I know now.
    Thank you for stopping.

  6. I love the honestly of this poem! My daughter is 3 so not yet with the teenage angst but she’s definitely got her own mind I love her to death but she drives me nuts and I know I was similar and that makes me appreciate my own mom more!

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