Water Haiku

drops of life

sustained universe



two-thirds of the whole

pure quencher

Gentle rain

dead Earth re-birthing

Gift from God

Written for Haiku Heights. Love their chalenge…30 Haikai in 30 days…not sure I can do it! How about you?


7 Responses

  1. Beautiful Haiku… water is soon going to be the new oil. Wars will be fought over it soon, methinks.

  2. water the elixir of everything

  3. You really got into the water theme!

    Stained Water Puddle

  4. Water is so precious for humans. It is time we start conserving water lest it becomes extinct!

  5. Beautiful drops of life… gifts from God..lovely ~

  6. Three great haiku.
    The first one was my favourite – drops of life indeed.

  7. Yes a beautiful gift!

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