Poem: Making Peace

My thoughts are a jumble

of disjointed affirmations and complaints.

As I try to untangle the

incoherent threads

and weave a cord

that I can hold out to you,

I realise

My suppressed feelings

inhibit my expression

and I grin.

In straining to keep them hidden

as I say my say,

the pretense is more obvious than ever

And we remain knotted

in our misunderstanding.

Only when they lay naked before you

and I am humbly unashamed,

will you hear what I say

and what I mean

and love me still.

3WW Three Word Wednesday

I’ve been thinking about the best way to reconcile with people close to us without being hurtful but also being truthful, hence the theme of the poem. However, the above poem is also written in response to prompts generated on the blog, Three Word Wednesday, an “online writers collective…to stretch your muse”. Three words are posted each Wednesday and poets, writers and word lovers are challenged to use them in a single piece. I loved what I found linked to this site and thought I’d give it a try…really loads of fun if words are your thing! This week’s words are jumble, grin, naked…find them in the poem above.

Check it out here www.threewordwednesday.com