Bird of Paradise

Mother, daughter, sister, friend

I play them all,

I stretch and bend.

I look, I listen, I think I hear…

But is that what you said? I fear

that I misunderstood

or assumed – as you feared I would.

It’s only when I recreate

the many points of our debate

that we’ll both be clear

about what I heard…or simply fear.

The gift of life, the magic of words,

the images they conjure

like exotic birds

that flash and fly away

are captured here.

It’s up to you to introspect

to counter, comment or object.

These random musings

aren’t False or True…

They’re limited by my human view.


6 Responses

  1. Dear Hani, that’s great! I hope I understand it all right.

  2. Dear Hani,

    that is just too much to read. So I decided to read first your report about District Six Museum. As you know it is my special interest.Thank you very much for that report and the photographs. Unfortunately one is no longer allowed to take photographs by flashlight. There is nothing new for me in your article but it is joyful to read it summarised. It is very good for someone who starts his knowledge about Cape Town.


  3. Thank you, Anne. I’m sure it will still be on your list of stops when you visit from Germany in November. Maybe you could attend the Fugard Theartre in District Six next and feed both loves. A wonderful new addition to the Cape Town cultural scene. It’s in a restored church around the corner from the museum.

  4. You have such beautiful words, and your style has such an easy flow. I look forward to reading more! Thank you for introducing yourself! It was great to meet you as well!

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